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Matech International (มาเทค อินเตอร์ เนชั่นแนล ) Corp., Ltd. Was found in 1989,
our product are Dynamic UPS Hitec and Electronicon Capacitor the purpose is for serving as a representative in Thailand for the Dutch Company called Holec Holland, in 1998 Holec Dynamic UPS has renamed to Hitec Power Protection, which is one of the manufacturing company producing a premium quality electrical equipment that supplies for the whole globe

As in 1995, we have contacts from the Germany Company who truth on us for being representing to their low voltage capacitors over 100 projects to the Thai market



DUPS system always standby for load in case Utility power outages

DUPS will continue to supply the load. until the electric power returns

Capacitors Bank

Low votlage capacitors bank from Germany the product is Solving the

problem of low Power Factor. It has lifetime over 100,000 hour 

Dynamic UPS

To supply continuous quality electrical power

When DUPS active


Frequency Variations

Votlage Sags


Harmonic Distortions



Continuous Quality Power

Uninterrupted Power (Ups)

Quality Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Quality Voltage:400/480 v

Clean Sine-Wave

Capacitors Bank

All our three-phase capacitors contain three separate capacitor elements connected in delta, preferably of short height and large diameter which substantially reduces inherent power losses and improves their current strength as compared with slim, tall capacitors. By using the market’s best low-loss, self-healing polypropylene films and sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as high-vacuum drying and special coating patterns, they provide long service life with constant capacitance and high switching strength. As a matter of course, all our power capacitors are provided with BAM™ (overpressure break-action mechanism) as standard, for safe mode of failure.

Projcet Referent


Suvarnabhumi AirPort Phase II

4x2000kVA 400 V 50Hz

Installed in 2020

Thai Airways

2x320kVA 400V 50Hz

Installed in 1996

Kangwal polyester Co.,Ltd.

4×1000 kVA 400V 50Hz

Installed in 1998

Projcet Referent

Capacitors bank

BGC Glass solution Khon Kaen

12 setep 50 kVAR 400 v

2 Cabinet

Phathumthani Glass industry 

10 setep 50 kVAR 400 v

2 Cabinet

Prachinburi Glass industry company limited

12 setep 2×25 kVAR 400 v

2 Cabinet

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